Holiday Reading 5: This House is Haunted

It is time, once again, for a summer book review. I’m excited – and you should be too. Whoa, I’m rhyming! That’s impressive. Unlike my dazzling introductions, This House is Haunted is not a laugh. It comes to us from John Boyne, the author of the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. If you read The […]

The Best Young Adult Novels

Originally posted on Ricochet:
Since Twilight (and the various paranormal romance novels it spawned), many readers seem all too eager to dismiss young adult fiction as silly.  Frivolous.  Unintelligent.  God forbid, embarrassing.  As a great lover of YA (and an ex-teenager), I think those snobs people couldn’t be more wrong. To be specific, young adult…

Holiday Reading 4: All the Birds, Singing

Summer book number four is something I bought in Paris last year from Shakespeare and Company, a gorgeous English-language bookstore near Notre Dame. Ah ‘in Paris’.  Apparently I’m one of those people. This book was a bit of a random choice. I scarcely knew where to begin when I wandered into the store – with […]