The Best Young Adult Novels

My best of young adult list for Ricochet Magazine!


Since Twilight (and the various paranormal romance novels it spawned), many readers seem all too eager to dismiss young adult fiction as silly.  Frivolous.  Unintelligent.  God forbid, embarrassing.  As a great lover of YA (and an ex-teenager), I think those snobs people couldn’t be more wrong.

To be specific, young adult fiction refers to novels that are marketed at 12 to 17 year olds.  The genre has enticed streams of reluctant readers into the world of books – which is always a wonderful thing.  And for those of us who never needed encouragement, young adult stories played a pivotal role as we navigated the terrific angst of teenage-hood.

But teens aren’t the only ones lapping YA up. Did you know that 55% of young adult fiction is purchased by readers over 18 years of age? That’s some cold, hard proof there is no shame in cracking open one of these…

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